SCI are inspired by improving lives through workplace transformations. The ultimate goal in every project is to increase productivity through efficient and creative designs. SCI we strive to improve the lives of all those that come into contact with our unique methods of architectural services, construction, interior design, fit-out and refurbishment. Three key processes – Pro-space consultancy, Pro 7 and TPM2 – underpin our successful approach to corporate transformations.

Prospace consultancy

We assist you in creating the design brief. By developing an understanding of how your business operates we can be confident in creating the right design brief to hand over to the design team.

This is a wholistic consultancy approach which involves as many staff members as possible to help pull together the data required to create a perfect design brief. Below are just a few of the benefits, please ask for more details….

  • Assess productivity through team collaboration and time and motion studies.
  • Gives all staff members the opportunity to enter into the design phase.
  • Helps staff engagement.
  • Ensures that we gather all the information to create the perfect design brief.
  • Take on board ideas from the whole team not just management which gives you buy in at all levels.

Pro 7

This is our seven-stage design process that ensures that we enhance the vision of all our clients whilst staying aligned to the main objectives.  Arriving at the right design increases productivity, improves staff well-being and exceeds the expectations of your clients and team.

TPM2 = Total Project Management & Total Peace of Mind

Our unique project management methodology improves the lives of those trying to organise the works. We partner with you and minimise disturbance so you can concentrate on your daily activities. We focus on 3 key areas to simplify the process and bring focus to the team.

  • GIRft policy (Get It Right First Time)
  • Quality management
  • Communication

For more details please contact us to arrange a 10 minute presentation from one of our representatives.

Activity Based Working

Activity based working starts with your companies vision, values and strategy and finding the best mix of physical settings.

There is no universal blueprint to Agile Based Working, it’s all about what works best for you and your colleagues.

Activity based working promotes ideas, creativity and commitment in the workforce. Organisations are becoming more flexible and less hierarchical which means the physical settings in your workplace may need to change to integrate with this shift in culture.
What’s needed is a workplace that is tailored to the actual needs of people and the organisation they work for.
Activity based working is about you and your colleagues, it’s about organising your work in a more productive and enjoyable way, creating the best circumstance for each activity. Whether it’s developing ideas, delivering content, or sharing knowledge, this has an impact on our physical workplace.

You need a range of dedicated facilities for specific activities:-
Private zones, relaxation zones, collaboration areas, team zones, breakout zones, brainstorming areas, repro activity, informal meeting zones, phone booths, short term activities, café areas, outside in areas and workstations.
Activity based working encourages a change in culture and promotes relationships built on trust, empowerment and a shared sense of responsibility .

It sounds challenging, and it is, but the benefits are substantial. A healthier and more sustainable work place, more effective, engaged and motivated people. Better collaboration, which means better ideas and better decision making, which in turn leads to faster problem solving and more satisfied customers.
Activity based working can boost productivity and save costs.

Ask for a free consultation to see how your company can benefit from Activity Based Working methods.